The Baltimore Jewish Cultural Chavurah is a home for those who identify as Jews primarily through culture, history and family. We provide a welcoming and enriching Jewish environment with no demands for religious beliefs.



We believe that Judaism is the creation of the Jewish people and that all generations are responsible for carrying it forward and adding to it. We believe that only natural forces and human beings are responsible for what happens in this world. We believe that people have the ability and the responsibility to solve human problems through striving for equality, social justice and peace. We believe in the equality and dignity of every human being and in the power of community.



Our mission is to provide a community for people who wish to express their Jewish identity in a Secular Humanistic manner, emphasizing Jewish culture and history. We invite you to explore the Secular Humanistic way of being Jewish with us.



BJCC is an affiliate of the Society for Humanistic Judaism and a member of the Baltimore Coalition of Reason



If this is your first visit, a good place to start is with the About Us section to your left or our Calendar of Events immediately below. 







Sunday February 17, 10:30AM "Jews, Anti-Semitism, Racism and White Supremacy." A discussion led by Fred Pincus 

Sunday March 3, 10:00AM – “Jewish Refugees and Shanghai.” exhibit tour at the Jewish Museum of Maryland led by Docent Robyn Hughes, followed by optional lunch together at Attman’s Deli

Friday March 8, 7:30PM – “The Stories of Grace Paley.” A discussion led by Arlene Ogurick

Sunday March 24, 10:30AM – “Jewish Bolsheviks.” A talk by Alan Cohen  

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BJCC Chanukah Party 2017






 Articles, OpEds and Letters to the Editor in the Baltimore press on the BJCC and Secular Humanistic Judaism:


An article about the moderated discussion organized by the BJCC on different views on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in Israel was published by the Baltimroe Jewish Times on March 6, 2014.


An articleabout a talk on Islam sponsored by the BJCC appeared in the Baltimore Jewsih Times on October 27, 2013


A feature articleabout the Chavurah "True To Their Words" appeared  in the August 22, 2013 edition of the Baltimore JewsihTimes. It includes interviews with Elise Saltzberg and Bob Jacobson.


A letter to the editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times by Fred Pincus on celebrating Yom Kippur published on October 18, 2012


Baltimore Jewish Times Editor's Note: Secular Jew published on June 3, 2011


A letter to the editorof the Baltimore Jewish Times by Elise Saltzberg on Secular Judaism published on April 8, 2011




2013 Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance


Watch the videos from our program "Jewish Activism in the Civil Rights Movement with Larry Ageloff and Fred Pincus.









2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance


Watch the videos from our program "Jewish Activists Remember the Civil Rights Struggle" with Del (Greenbaltt) Sweeney, Helene (Wilson) Ageloff and Carol Frank.