BJCC Library

Our library has fiction, non-fiction and books for kids and young adults. The books are available for members to borrow. Here's just a smattering of what's there:

  • The whole rabbi mystery series by Harry Kimmelman
  • Many books by Chaim Potok
  • Novels by modern writers such as Lev Raphael & Rebecca Goldstein
  • Yiddish short stories in translation

  • The Jewish Catalogues - all three, plus The Jewish Family Book
  • Samuel Freedman's Jew vs. Jew
  • Susan Weidman Schneider's Jewish and Female
  • Hutchins Hapgood's The Spirit of the Ghetto
  • Books on shtetl life and other aspects of Jewish history and culture
  • Samuel Heilman's Defenders of the Faith:Inside Ultra-Orthodox Jewry
  • James Carroll's Constantine's Sword
  • Finkelstein & Silverman's The Bible Unearthed
  • Lots of books on Secular Humanistic Judaism

Books for Kids and Young Adults
  • Sonia Levitin's The Singing Mountain and The Return
  • A Treasury of Sholom Aleichem Children's Stories
  • Mirjam Pressler's Shylock's Daughter
  • Sadie Rose Weilerstein's classic the Best of K'tonton
  • The Junior Jewish Encyclopedia
  • Lots of books about Jewish holidays and about Israel

And lots lots more!